Just when we thought we were finished adding new species to the property, we had the opportunity to jump into the wooly world of sheep. Our first sheep were Old English Southdown sheep (aka Babydoll sheep). Violet and Sunflower came first, followed by our man Oakley. (Our hearts broke when we lost Violet.). Sunflower likes to sniff us, but would prefer not to be touched. Oakley is up for anything - and is a great Uncle Oakley to all the baby goats that like to sleep on him, or ride around the grassy park on his back

Our next adoptees were rescue bottle babies and are a product of Targhee rams bred with Rambouillet and Suffolk ewes. Louie and Sessee (CC) are a great addition. They love to yell at us from across the field and run over with a welcoming bleat to let us know they are happy to see us. (Oh, and where is that bottle you’ve brought out to feed us???)