Bees are the closest thing to magic that we’ve ever seen. While they are the only insect that makes food for humans, there are more wonderful things that bees have to share. The bees produce a mesmerizing, tranquil hum as they work, and the aroma that comes from their honey production is absolutely heavenly. Usually, only beekeepers get to experience more than the taste of honey, but now you can too in the Capella Ranch Bee Huts.

The Capella Ranch Bee Huts are designed and built with a “human side” and a “bee side”, and the two sides meet through a protective metal screen. You can enter the human side and quite literally sit or lay down on top of four active beehives.

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At the south side of each hut are two slots (one on each of the back half doors). The bees enter and exit from their hives through these slots.

Where the Bees Enter

On the north side there is a human sized door, where you can enter. This entrance leads to the area where humans rest. There are two benches for sitting or laying down and some pillows for comfort.

Where You enter

The human resting area is blocked from having bees enter from below with a stainless steel mesh with holes small enough that bees cannot get through, but air can still pass through.

How the bees stay below

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According to several internet sources:
“Spending a few hours in an apiary (bee yard) inhaling the aerosol (air filled with etheric smells of bees), along with the positive energetic charge, boosts the immune system, positively affects the respiratory organs, reduces stress and improves general well-being.”  

At Capella Ranch, we have condensed several hours in an outdoor apiary into just a half-hour in our Bee Huts. 

The wonderful aromas you’ll find come from both the cedar-built hut and of course, the bees making honey. For honey production, the oldest female bees take on the dangerous job of foraging for pollen and nectar. Each day a single bee may visit up to 1,000 flowers to collect the raw material, then bring it back to the hive. Next, more worker bees take the mix and deposit it into the honeycomb. This raw material contains about 70% water, and the bees work the honey by chewing on it and fanning it with their wings to drop the moisture content to around 20%. Their final step is putting a wax seal on the honeycomb cell to store the honey for later use.  

When the bees reduce the moisture in the honey, an amazing vapor is created that not only smells near-intoxicating, but carries the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are naturally in the honey.  

Beyond the aroma, the wings of tens of thousands of bees create a soft, constant hum that is tranquil and soothing. The vibration along with the entrancing aerosol and smell creates a one-of-a-kind environment where you can meditate, relax, and even take a little nap.

That’s a great question, and our answer is “no”. At Capella Ranch, we are not doctors or medical professionals - we are (among many other things) beekeepers. And we want to share the magic of bees with you in a new, unique way.

That said, breathing the vapor from beehives is a form of “apitherapy”, or therapy using bee products to promote human health. This form of apitherapy is known as “Hive Aerosol Apitherapy” or “Beehive Air Therapy”, and while virtually unheard of in the United States, it is currently authorized as treatment in Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and Austria. In these countries, breathing beehive air is recognized as a potential remedy for treating asthma, bronchitis, lung fibrosis, and respiratory tract infections. Here is a study from Saudi Arabia that applies the scientific method to studying beehive air components and the potential health benefits of Hive Aerosol Apitherapy.

Here are some other links that provide more information on the positive benefits of breathing beehive air:

If you are considering using the Bee Huts as part of a medical treatment, we strongly recommend you do so only under the guidance of your doctor or medical professional.
As of our launch in August, 2022, we have only found two other places in the United States that offer an opportunity to breathe beehive air. One is the Savannah Bee Company in Georgia, and the other is UP Michigan Bees. If you know of any others, please share that information with us!
We are accepting bookings! You can schedule your time with the bees using this link. The Bee Huts are typically open from late April through the end of September.  All visits to Capella Ranch are by appointment only.



In the News...

"It was amazing! Can't wait to come back and bring the kids"

"I loved my experience and haven't stopped thinking about what a neat thing it was. I loved going back to your web site again after visiting to learn more and watch some videos. You've done a fabulous job with getting this set up and informing us of the wonderful benefits of bees. I really was most happy that I felt I could stretch a little deeper while in the hut. I'll be back!"

"I went twice…once at 9 am and once at 11 am. Due to the increased temp, the bees seemed more active. The second time, about halfway through, I felt a surprising, yet pleasant, rush of calm come over me! The rest of the day, I’ve maintained that “chill” vibe."

"It was gentle, yet a very powerful experience. I definitely felt a shift in my energy, and a wonderful, calming effect on my nervous system. Thank you!"

“When else in your life do you get to share space with a million other beings who all are very clear about their purpose and their path and what they need to be doing? - Yarmey

“It’s a sensation almost like an energy flow. It’s almost in the realm of where you get the chills. It was just a brief wave that happened throughout my entire body. And it happened a few times through the session." - Kari Tewalt

"It felt like I was actually doing something that wasn't an inhaler or medication and I was regaining some control over how my body was reacting to all this s**t in the air." - Marsha Ruggeri

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