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Designed for guests who want to visit the bees on a more frequent basis, The Hive 2023 members pay a $50 membership fee which unlocks a special reservation area where you can schedule next-day sessions for over 40% off! As a member of The Hive, you can reserve either a 25-minute session for $20 (regularly $35), or a 55-minute session for $40 (regularly $60). You may only reserve a session one day in advance, but there is no limit on the number of times you can come visit.

SEPTEMBER 2023 MEMBERSHIP UPDATE:  2023 membership in The Hive now applies to our 2024 season as well!  All current and new members will be able to use all benefits of The Hive for our 2024 season for no additional charge!  Another new benefit for members of The Hive:  you may now reserve the second Bee Hut (if available) at the same discounted price!  Bring a friend and come visit the bees as often as you'd like!

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