Just shy of 5 acres, located between Lafayette and Longmont Colorado. The views of Long’s Peak and the snow-capped mountains beyond the foothills are breathtaking. The days can be easily filled with chores to keep the animals happy, pondering the endless opportunities that come with living outside of our old reality. For details of our adventure and how we got here, check out our social media.

Capella Ranch is our great adventure...

Although this is not Charlie's "full time job", the tasks he works on could qualify as full time work! He handles daily chores (feeding, watering, letting out in the morning, etc.) and uses his weekends to work on larger projects. We call him Bee Man because he was the reason we started rescuing swarms and why we have so many hives today.


There is so much to be done on the farm that you wouldn't even think of! Carolyn is a huge part in most of the behind the scenes stuff. She cleans eggs, helps design elements and structures on the ranch, marketing, bookkeeping, caring for our plants and so much more!


While running her own business, Simply Cassandra, Cassie helps on the ranch and with our social media. She assists with nightly chores, cleaning of stalls and working with the bees. We love when Cassie uses her photography skills to capture our animals and adventures we partake in.


Meet our Busy Bees