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It is springtime in Colorado and the bees are buzzing!  The first honeybee swarm in the Boulder, Colorado area was reported on April 3rd, 2024 and that is two full weeks earlier than normal (though what is "normal" weather?)  The early warm temperatures suggest that we're on track to open for the 2024 season in May, so we invite you to book now to visit the Bee Huts!  Remember, it's super-simple to change your booking day/time if the weather gets really weird.

Bees are the closest thing to magic that we’ve ever seen. While they are the only insect that makes food for humans, there are more wonderful things that bees have to share. The bees produce a mesmerizing, tranquil hum as they work, and the aroma that comes from their honey production is absolutely heavenly. Usually, only beekeepers get to experience more than the taste of honey, but now you can too in the Capella Ranch Bee Huts.

The Capella Ranch Bee Huts are designed and built with a “human side” and a “bee side”, and the two sides meet through a protective metal screen. You can enter the human side and quite literally sit or lay down on top of four active beehives.  Learn more about the Bee Huts.

Capella Ranch Bee Huts



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