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The bee huts Open for the season on May 1st, 2024!

Come make a quarter-million friends!

The Capella Ranch LLC Bee Hut, located in Lafayette, Colorado, experience is your opportunity to relax, meditate, and revel in the aroma, vibration, and sound of active, working beehives. You’ll meet the bees through a heavily-screened bench, and you’ll literally be inches away from the colonies as they work their magic on their honey. And yes, if you’d like to bring home some honey made by your new friends, we have a variety of sizes for purchase.

Join us and enjoy the bees!

Based on feedback from guests like you, we are happy to introduce a new discount program to make it easier and more economical to visit as often as you’d like. The Hive 2024 membership gives you access to next-day sessions at discounted rates, allowing you to expand on the health and wellness benefits you’ve received from the bees, enjoy the tranquility of the buzzing vibration under you more often, and maybe even stay a little longer and take a nap with the bees!

Interested in Visiting More Often?

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Have additional questions? Check out these FAQs

  • Bees are highly sensitive to odors, and they don’t like perfume. To help the bees remain calm, prior to your visit, please do not use any strongly-scented materials such as deodorant, perfume, or lotions.
  • Remain calm. There are always bees in the air at Capella Ranch, and as they pass by they may take an interest in you. If they do, calmly walk away. If they follow, walk circles around the nearby trees. Do not swat at bees as that can put them on the defensive. The bees don’t want to sting you any more than you want to be stung - they just think you’re kind of interesting.
  • Although the probability of being stung by a bee is realistically quite low, it exists. If you know that you are allergic to bee stings, please do not participate in this experience.
  • Colorado summers can be hot, and to retain the most vapor possible, we do not ventilate the Bee Huts. Late afternoons on sunny days can be quite warm in the Bee Huts, so drink plenty of water and exit the Bee Hut if you feel uncomfortable.
  • We have a variety of pillows available for your use, and you are definitely welcome to bring your own.
  • Get ready to relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy a truly multi-sensory experience!

Some things to keep in mind for your visit:

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Boulder County Public Works is doing construction work this year and 95th Street, the main road to get here, will be closed at times.  Please see this Capella Ranch page for details.