If you knew nothing about chickens and decided you wanted a few - what kind would YOU get? Welcome to our chicken dilemma. Currently on the ranch, we have 20 different types of chickens with only a few laying white eggs. They are a great variety of colors and temperaments, and who knew chickens were so friendly.

We figured out why the chickens cross the road. there had to be someone over there with scratch (cracked corn). After a few weeks of feeding them scratch when we came out to visit, they realized where the goodies came from. Now they rush the gate when they see us coming out.

We LOVED having visitors come by and show an interest in the chickens. Wow - only a few of our chickens were white. And only a few of our eggs were white either. How could that be??  

We also got educated on the animals that would love to eat our chickens without our permission and decided to create Chicken Manor as our fortress against ground invasive raccoons and dive bombing hawks, eagles and owls. Although we get the Circle of Life - we didn't feel a need to contribute to it with our egg laying girls.